Where in London is the Direct Vision Standard Enforceable?

The 26th October was the initial date set by TFL for the enforcement of the Direct Vision Standard. Although fines have been delayed until March 1st 2021 due to COVID, vehicles still need to comply with the new regulations – or in the event of an incident or insurance claim it could render the driver/operator liable for the vehicles not being fully compliant.

Road safety expert Emily Hardy, of Kent-based Brigade Electronics, says it is a legal requirement and as such there remains unanswered questions whether, in the event of an incident, operators could be responsible for civil damages and insurers may not be obliged to pay out.

“Simply put, delaying the fines is not the same as changing the date of the legislation,” Emily said. “Operators should consult their legal representatives and insurers before weighing up the risks. If they haven’t already, operators should check their star ratings and have a plan in place to retrofit vehicle safety devices if required.”

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