CLOCS Working together to protect vulnerable road users. CLOCS Standard will come into Effect on 1st January 2015, what does it mean for Construction vehicles?

CLOCS  brings the construction logistics industry together to revolutionise the management of work related road risk (WRRR) and ensure a road safety culture is embedded across the industry. By working together we can help protect pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users who share the roads with construction vehicles.

CLOCS Report findings

Transport of London conducted an independent review and the results of the 2013 report were a real concern, and as a result the following three workstreams were developed to improve road safety.

Workstream One

Improving vehicle safety

Improving vehicle safety through the design and manufacture of safer new vehicles and fitting appropriate safety equipment to existing vehicles.

A contributory factor for collisions with heavy goods vehicles is difficulty in seeing vulnerable road users in the blind spot of the vehicle. Blind spots occur due to a restriction of the drivers direct field of view from the cab, with areas of blind spot across different types of vehicle worthy of further investigation.

New vehicles

Safer new vehicles are needed with maximum direct driver vision, reducing reliance on mirrors and retrofit safety technology. Informed by research into blind spots and vehicle design and working with vehicle operators to define requirements, CLOCS is challenging vehicle manufacturers and regulatory bodies to improve the design of construction vehicles.

Existing vehicles

Existing fleets will be in operation for a number of years. Equipment to improve the safety of these vehicles is available including side guards, blind spot cameras and proximity sensors.  CLOCS is encouraging the wider fitting of effective vehicle safety equipment to existing fleets.

It is essential that such equipment is fit for purpose. By understanding the effectiveness of different technology and its impact on drivers, CLOCS will  inform technology development and operator purchasing decisions.

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Workstream Two

Addressing the safety imbalance

Addressing the safety imbalance in the construction industry by ensuring road safety is recognised as being equal to health and safety on site.

The management of road safety is recognised as being behind the management of  health and safety on site. The construction industry has made large strides in improving and embedding on-site health and safety cultures. It is therefore well placed to improve working cultures in relation to road safety.

The first step is for the industry to be informed of the incidents and near misses involving their vehicles and understand the circumstances around them.

CLOCS Manager
CLOCS Manager is a new system which will enable construction logistics operators, developers, clients and others to log collisions and near misses and help reduce work related road risk. The system is is now open to all fleet operators or construction clients, if you’d like to start using the system please visit and follow the  registration instructions. You must first register your organisation and then you may grant access to as many users as you like.

CLOCS Manager enables the construction industry to capture information about road incidents to help identify contributory factors, incident hotspots and trends. When an incident occurs, information about it will be quickly, concisely and effectively shared throughout the industry by the CLOCS Alert system.

By understanding what is happening on the road, the industry can learn from each other and take actions to reduce the risk of future incidents. The CLOCS Manager system supports the CLOCS Standard, providing a tool for fleet operators to meet the collision reporting requirements, and for construction clients to manage their contractors’ compliance.

CLOCS toolkit – managing collision reporting and analysis 

The CLOCS toolkit for managing collision reporting and analysis fully complements CLOCS Manager. It  provides fleet operators with guidance on what to do following a collision, ranging from actions the driver should take at the scene through to investigating a collision and acting on lessons learned.

The toolkit includes a series of forms designed to assist the data collection, analysis and investigation process from the scene of the collision through to post collision investigation.

At the scene collision report form for drivers

Driver post collision report form

Manager’s collision reporting record and forms

Manager post collision report form

Post collision investigation form for managers 

Workstream Three

Encouraging wider adoption of best practice

Encouraging wider adoption of best practice across the construction logistics industry through taking best in class examples, developing a common national Standard and embedding a new cultural norm.

Developing and sharing effective practice is vital to keep organisations up to date about the latest standards and procedures currently being applied in their industry in relation to managing road safety.

CLOCS has developed the Standard for construction logistics: Managing work related road risk a common standard for use by the construction logistics industry. Implemented by construction clients through contracts, this new Standard provides a framework enabling the the management of road safety by the industry in a way that can be adhered to in a consistent way by fleet operators.

Eleven separate standards, codes of practice and policies relating to work related road safety were reviewed and bought together into a single common standard.

The willingness of organisations to set aside individual positions and to work together in support of a common principle allowed the rapid delivery of the Standard.  It represents a united response to improve road safety across the industry and greater social responsibility which will save lives.

CLOCS is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Standard, its effectiveness and future versions.

CLOCS continue to support the Standard by producing supplementary guidance on a range of topics, including compliance monitoring, driver training and collision reporting.

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