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Webasto Thermo Top ECO 20 2kW 220v AC CAR Water Heater (No Operating Control) – 1330002A

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Fast, powerful, electrical. The electric parking heater is integrated into the coolant circuit of the vehicle.

Product Description

Webasto Thermo Top ECO 20 2kW 220v AC CAR Water Heater – 1330002A

Fast, powerful, electrical heating. The electric parking heater is integrated into the coolant circuit of the vehicle. A circulation pump provides for the homogeneous heating of the vehicle engine. At the same time, the vehicle fan propels the flow of warm air into the interior and right onto the windscreen, which is therefore de-iced extremely quickly.

The heater is operated via an electric cable connected to a 230 V power outlet. Thanks to the integrated trickle charge function for 12 V batteries, the car battery is automatically charged throughout the entire duration of operation. The eThermo Top Eco is conveniently controlled via the well-known Webasto control elements or with a timer for the power outlet.

There is a choice of two heating capacities, depending on the fuse protection type of the home connection:
eThermo Top Eco 20 P (2 kW) for home connection with fuse protection of ≥10 A
eThermo Top Eco 30 P (3 kW) for home connection with fuse protection of ≥16 A


  • High-level comfort and convenience of the proven Webasto quality
  • 100 % electrical, does not generate any emissions and may also be operated in enclosed spaces (i.e. garages)
  • Up to 40 % cheaper than fuel-powered parking heaters – depending on the car model
  • Preserves battery performance and contributes to a secure engine start
  • Unparalleled climate comfort: simultaneous and consistent heating of the engine and the interior
  • Clear visibility in the shortest possible time: windscreen and front windows will be completely de-iced at an outdoor temperature of -10°C within 60 minutes

Kit Contains;

  • Thermo Top ECO 20 2kW 22v AC heater
  • 12 V heater wiring harness
  • Coolant pump U4847 Econ axial incl. bracket and specific harness
  • 230 V extension cable
  • 230 V mounting cable engine compartment
  • Safety lock (2 x)
  • *Excludes control device*


Plug in and heat up
All it takes to use the eThermo Top Eco is a standard 230 V plug socket. You can start it whenever the vehicle is connected to
the power source via the charging cable. You can operate the new eThermo Top Eco conveniently with a 16 A timer on the socket.*

Healthier engine, healthier environment
The pre-heating process generates no emissions, while the pre-heated engine produces fewer harmful substances. The eThermo Top Eco also helps keep the air clean. Furthermore, you can protect your engine by avoiding damaging cold starts*.

One device for engine and interior
Unlike standard electrical heaters, the eThermo Top Eco is fitted in the engine compartment and heats the engine and interior simultaneously. This removes the need for separate devices. The heater is integrated in the coolant circuit and warms the engine evenly via a recirculation pump. At the same time, the vehicle fan circulates warm air around the interior and directly onto the windshield to quickly free it of ice.

Performance and comfort combined
The vehicle fan directs the warm air toward the windshield and completely frees it of ice in just 60 minutes at an outdoor temperature of -10 °C*. The flow of fresh air keeps the interior humidity at a comfortable level and helps the steamed-up windows to dry.

Suitable for enclosed areas
The pre-heating process generates zero emissions. The heater is therefore suitable for enclosed spaces, making it ideal for garage owners.

*Depends on vehicle.



Webasto eThermo Top Eco Datasheet

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