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Teal Compact Classic 3L Stainless Steel Portable Hand Wash Sink 12v 180w 15amp For Motor Vehicles – CC12

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Compact Classic brushed stainless steel sink 12v suitable for motor vehicles.

Teal Wash

Product Description

Teal Compact Classic 3L Stainless Steel Portable Hand Wash Sink 12v 180w 15amp For Motor Vehicles – CC12

Compact Classic combines the very popular TEAL quality brushed stainless steel finish with the latest electronic technology – so hugely successful in other TEAL products.

Specifically designed to meet the worst rigours of external use ‘on the road’, compact classic is ideal for ‘hot trades’, tarmac layers, white liners etc.

Finger tip tap operation combined with washing under running water will give up to 15 ten second fully hygienic hand washes per filling.

  • Fully automatic and battery safe
  • Ideal and effective water temperature of 45 degree (+/- 2 degrees)
  • Removeable brushed stainless steel bowl for easy emptying
  • No water safety cut-out
  • Meets european EMC automotive directive 95/94/EMC

Euro 6 compliant wiring and control

Teal vehicle units incorporate 3 wire technology. Standard battery positive – red wire, earth wire – black. The white wire is to be connected to the ignition control fuse.

  • When the vehicle is turned off, the battery state is quiescent at 12V.
  • When switched on the Ignition control wire detects vehicle turned on. The voltage sensing software will turn the heater on when 12.6 volts are detected. Thereafter the heater will be monitored by the built in thermistor and control the water temperature at 40-43°C. When the vehicle is switched off the unit will switch off having sensed the battery voltage has dropped to 12.3V and the ignition signal has been dropped. The battery will not be therefore be drained by the Compact Classic.


All TEAL products carry a full 2 Year Guarantee on a return to manufacturer basis.

Technical Specification

  • Weight empty: 3.6kg
  • Weight full: 7.6kg
  • Max capacity 3.8 litres (3.1 litre usable)
  • CCLB12v: Red Label 180 watt/15 amp


Teal Compact Classic hand wash unit for motor vehicles
12v-24v Compact Classic Operating Instructions

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