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Lifos GO Advanced Lightweight Lithium Power Battery 72Ah Capacity (equivalent to a 130Ah leisure lead acid battery)

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Specially designed to fit underneath the seat of a VW T5 and T6, Lifos Go 72 is the ideal leisure battery for a campervan where space and weight is at a premium.

Please Note: This item is dispatched direct from our supplier and as such is not available to ship outside of mainland UK.


Product Description

Lifos GO Advanced Lightweight Lithium Power Battery 72Ah Capacity (equivalent to a 130Ah leisure lead acid battery)

Specially designed to fit underneath the seat of a VW T5 and T6, Lifos Go 72 is the ideal leisure battery for a campervan where space and weight is at a premium. Lifos Go 72 is a direct drop in exchange for a lead acid battery with the advantages of smaller size, lower weight and longer life. A Bluetooth app shows the battery performance on a smartphone or tablet plus there is a button to turn off the BMS when the battery is not in use to prevent self-discharge. Lifos Go 72 is supplied with a five year warranty and ECE regulation R10 certification.

Lifos Go 72 delivers a massive 2750 cycles  (a cycle is considered a full charge and discharge) at 90% depth of discharge, ensuing that 61.2Ah of usable power is available. Compare this to a lead acid battery with a typical 50% DOD and it’s clear that a 120Ah gross capacity will be needed to replicate the power of Lifos 72. And yet, Lifos is a third smaller in size and a quarter the weight. Its huge 2750 cycles (at 90% DOD) jumps to an even more impressive 3500 cycles at 75% DOD – that’s nearly 10 years of trouble free operation.

Lifos Go 72 can be connected with four batteries in series or parallel if a power bank is needed and each battery’s internal BMS ensures all the lithium cells are perfectly balanced to give outstanding and reliable performance.

Fitted with a Bluetooth app, you can keep abreast of the vital information at all times when connected to an Android or Apple smart device. Information such as current, voltage, power (w) and state of charge can be interrogated at any time and the smart operating system will even send you a warning well before the battery gets to a low state of discharge giving plenty of time to get it recharged.


  • Specially designed to fit underneath the seat of a VW T5 and T6.
  • Motorhomes, Caravans and Motor Movers:- Efficient, long-lasting power wherever your travels take you.
  • Solar off-grid systems:- Longer battery life, fewer service visits.
  • Commercial auxillary battery applications.
  • Emergency service vehicle auxillary battery applications.
  • DC motors or other device up to 1000w (tested with numerous outboards and caravan motor movers).


  • Lightweight & compact design
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Bluetooth connectivity with FREE to Lifos App
  • Built in battery management system (BMS)
  • Fast charging
  • Long life
  • Removable connection posts
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Motor mover compatible
  • Outboard compatible


LiFOS has uniquely designed hardware/software integrated into each battery which allows it to:

  • Operate heavy loads up to 1000w (e.g. caravan motor movers);
  • Protect the battery from deep discharging;
  • Be charged by any mains charger (not just a special lithium charger);
  • Speed up charging times, whether being powered by mains or solar;
  • Provide users with a unique view of the charge and discharge performance of their battery on a smartphone via a simple-to-understand Android or Apple App. This free to download App provides extremely accurate information – generally far more so than a typical analogue battery meter. The App, once connected to a smart device, will also sends users a reminder to put their LiFOS on charge once it has been discharged to 30%, thus further prolonging its life.

The BMS has also been specially designed to allow LiFOS to perform when using a DC to DC charger and we are pleased to confirm that LiFOS is compatible with these manufacturers products:

* The LiFOS battery will go into dormant mode when battery voltage is < 8V and battery output is 0V. Please contact us or use a specific LiFePO4 battery wall charger to recharge it for 3-5 minutes, which will release it. Please contact your dealer/retailer to get the wall charger if necessary.


Monitor the state of charge of LiFOS batteries through a smartphone via our unique app available online for free download (Apple or Android).


LiFOS is fitted with removable terminal posts, compatible with caravan quick release connectors, so that it can fit in the smallest space possible. The posts can be removed and ring terminals connected directly onto the terminal plates. In addition, two LiFOS batteries can be joined in parallel to create double the (AH) capacity. (Please note that LiFOS cannot be joined in series to create higher voltages.


LiFOS is a featherweight 7.8kgs. When compared to a good quality 120Ah lead acid battery at circa 34kgs, LiFOS gives an impressive 77% weight saving – and in motor campers, caravans and boats, saving 27+ kilograms can be crucial.


LiFOS does not emit noxious gases therefore does not need to be housed in a specially vented chamber. LiFOS has a huge operating temperature range of -20 to +60 °C and it can be used in any orientation (e.g. on its side), although on its base will give the best performance. Like all batteries it should not be allowed to discharge fully over a long period and if it will be left without any power input for a 6-month period the LiFOS must be charged. A warning will be sent via the App as a reminder – see previous page, ‘Battery Management and Communication System’.

For more safety information, download the MSDS and Data sheet (click on the ‘Datasheet’ tab). Note: LiFOS can discharge in temperatures down to -20°C but cannot receive a charge at any temperature lower than 0°C. If LiFOS is housed within a housing such as a caravan battery compartment or similar, it should be protected from freezing temperatures. If, however, LiFOS is exposed to the elements it should be placed inside a battery box or similar with some level of insulation.

Monitor battery charge with free app

Monitoring the state of charge in the LiFOS battery is easy with the free to download Apple and Android Bluetooth-enabled app.

Download the App

Googe Play Store
iTunes App Store

Faster charging

The battery management system (BMS) built into each Lifos battery, controls the amount of power it can receive when being charged. If a Lifos is in a low state of charge its BMS can allow a faster flow of charging current, thus Lifos can be charged from flat to full approximately 20% faster than an equivalent lead acid battery. This function is invaluable when being charged by a solar panel as full battery charge status in any off grid application an be achieved so much quicker.

Keeping you in the picture

Any lithium battery discharges its power differently to a lead acid battery and, as such, false readings can be seen on standard battery power meters. This is not a problem for the smart Lifos 68 and 105 models.

Both have an in built Bluetooth app that is free to download and use on Android and Apple devices. Critical information, such as battery voltage and state of charge can be seen at a glance. This clever technology also gives a warning when the battery needs to be recharged thus helping to ensure you always have a fully functioning battery.

Click on the Google Play icon for Android devices and the App store icon for Apple devices. The app will automatically be downloaded to your device. Please complete this function on your smart device/s to view the Lifos data.

Once connected to a smart device, the app will also send users a reminder to put Lifos on charge once the battery is at 30% or lower.


  • Nominal Voltage 12.8v
  • Nominal Capacity 72Ah
  • Energy 921.6Wh
  • Resistance <10mΩ
  • Efficiency >90%
  • Self Discharge <3% per month
  • Maximum Batteries in series 4
  • Maximum Batteries in parallel 4
  • Dimensions inc Terminals 299.6 x 179 x 188mm
  • Weight 10.4Kg
  • Terminal Type Threaded insert M8
  • Case Material ABS + PC UL94V-0
  • IP Rating (enclosure) IP65
  • Cell Type (Chem) LifePO4
  • Recommended charge current 15A – 20A
  • Maximum Charge Current 70A
  • BMS charge current cut of >75A
  • Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4v – 14.6v
  • BMA Charge Voltage Cut OFF 3.75v+/- 0.025v/cell
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current <80A
  • Peak Discharge Current 210A (6 seconds)
  • PCM Discharge Current Cut Off 120A +/- 5A
  • PCM High Temperature Cut Off 50ºC charge /60ºC Discharge
  • Low Voltage Disconnect >11.2v
  • Reconnect Voltage >12v
  • Short circuit protection >700A
  • Discharge Temperature -20~60ºC
  • Charge Temperature 0~50ºC
  • Storage Temperature -20~40ºC
  • BMS High Temperature Cut-Off 85ºC +/- 5ºC
  • Certifications: CE ROHS, UN38.3 ECE regulation R10
  • Shipping Classification: MSDS Class 9 UN3480
  • Five year warranty

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