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Dual Top ST 6 Motorhome Combination System Internally Mounted With Rotary/Switch Control – PBDTST6INT

Webasto Dual Top ST 6 motorhome combination system INTERNAL mount with rotary/switch control.

No Longer Available – Please see the following alternative options Truma Combi D4E & D6E Heater Kits or Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5 RV kits

Product Description

Dual Top ST 6 Motorhome Combination System Internal Mount With Rotary/Switch Control – PBDTST6INT

No Longer Available – Please see the following alternative options Truma Combi D4E & D6E Heater Kits or Webasto Thermo Top Evo 5 RV kits

Webasto Dual Top ST 6 motorhome combination system INTERNAL mount with standard rotary/switch control.

Experience everything an independent, autonomous and freedom-loving RV driver desires:

  • A cosy warm cabin
  • A long hot shower
  • And hot water for your washing up
  • Warm air, hot water (up to 70°C)
  • Including anti-freeze mode, antifreeze function and continuously adjustable temperature control
  • Smooth blower and burner operation for low noise and fuel consumption
  • Efficient performance at altitudes of up to 2,200 meters
  • 3 Years Webasto Warranty – When supplied and installed by PB Auto Electrics

The Dual Top ST is approved for the following Leisure Market applications (with pressure pumps):

  • Caravans
  • Motor homes
  • Sportshomes
  • Expedition Vehicles

Scope of Delivery

  • Heater (Dual Top ST 6)
  • Control Panel (Manual ST6)
  • Main Heater Harness
  • External Temperature Sensor
  • Fuel Dosing Pump DP40/42
  • Extension Cable Harness Dosing Pump 3m (internal only)
  • Fuel Hose 5m and connectors
  • 1.5m Exhaust and clamps
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Combustion Air-Intake Silencer
  • Air Intake Cover
  • Mains Relay (ST 8 only)
  • Documentation
  • Internal Mount Kit including floor plate & gasket
  • 3m 80mm ducting
  • 2 x 80/60/60 Y Parts
  • 4m 60mm ducting

Parts to be added

  • Air distribution Outlets
  • Extra ducting as required
  • Fuel Extractor
  • Fresh Water Connections – 10mm push fit to chosen system

Installation Example

Webasto Dual Top Motorhome Installation Example

The Dual Top ST is an integrated air and water heating system that provides cabin heating and hot water in all seasons. The efficiently working system is specially designed to be installed outside the vehicle for more storage space and personal comfort inside. On a campsite, with access to electricity, Dual Top ST versions with electrical coils can run exclusively on electricity.

Manual Controller Information

  • Two simple knobs to choose program and well-being temperature
  • Summer mode with either hot water 40°C or 70°C
  • Winter mode with air heating only or combined with hot water to 70°C
  • Auto drain function of boiler directly with the turn of a knob
  • Additional antifreeze function can be chosen at the control element
  • First heater diagnosis via blink code at the control element
  • Temperature knob can stay at chosen comfortable temperature

Webasto Warranty Information

We only supply Genuine UK Webasto air heater kits and parts. PB Auto Electrics are a Webasto UK Authorised Partner with over 25 years experience in supplying and fitting Webasto parts.

Please see our Warranty information documentation for Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Webasto Authorised Partners specialise in either Vehicle or Marine business and exhibits outstanding installation, service and consultancy skills for the entire Webasto product portfolio. This is the highest ranked Webasto dealer status in the United Kingdom. Authorised Partners regularly attend Webasto’s technical, product and sales training courses.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 6 kW of heating power
  • Precise and stepless cabin temperature control
  • Improved efficiency
  • Integrated 9.8 litre stainless steel boiler with hot water for up to 70 °C
  • Boiler drainage function activated directly at the control panel
  • Anti-freeze modes to protect boiler and vehicle against freezing
  • Outside mounting for more available space inside

Technical Details

  • Heating power: 1.5-6.0Kw
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel compsumption (l/h): 0.19-0.66
  • Rated voltage (V): 12
  • Operating voltage range (V): 9-15
  • Rated power comsumption (W): 15-65
  • Boiler capacity (L): 9.8
  • Air Flow max (m3/h): 230
  • Dimensions (mm): 530 x 352 x 256
  • Weight: 23kg

How Webasto Dual Top ST Heaters Work

Webasto Dual Top ST is an integrated air- and water heating system that operates efficiently and cost-effectively.

When the unit is switched on, the dosing pump feeds fuel from the vehicle fuel tank to the heater. Here the fuel is automatically ignited by means of a glow plug. In the combustion chamber, the flame heats up the heat exchanger. The unit takes air in from the outside for combustion purposes and the combusted exhaust is discharged to the outside.

During heating, the integrated fan takes in the cold air from inside of the vehicle and routes it through the unit. As the air flows through the heat exchanger, it heats up and is then distributed through the outlets back into the vehicle. The connected hot air ducting now spreads the air evenly throughout the vehicle interior. A temperature sensor constantly measures the interior temperature and automatically adapts the heating power output by adjusting the amount and temperature of air passing through the unit. For heating the vehicle evenly, Dual Top ST has two outlets delivering the heated air.

The advantage here is that the vehicle can be heated from two directions, guaranteeing perfect warm air distribution.

All Dual Top ST heaters have a boiler where water is being heated up to 40 ° or 70 °C. The Dual Top ST also features a separate antifreeze mode that can be selected at the control panel and which ensures that the boiler and cabin temperatures remain above freezing point. If the water temperature falls below 6 °C, the automatic drain function ensures that water is emptied from the boiler – even if the heating system is switched off. In addition, the boiler can be drained manually directly at the control panel.

On a campsite with access to electricity, Dual Top ST versions with electrical coils can run either additionally or exclusively on 230 V electricity.


WEBA151 – Webasto Dual Top ST Datasheet

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