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Brigade White Sound BBS-97 HV BBS-TEK Reversing Alarm 36-80 Volts 97 Decibels For Forklifts – A1403

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Brigade Reversing Alarm 36/80 Volts, 97 Decibels for use with electric forklifts.

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Product Description

Brigade White Sound BBS-97 HV BBS TEK Reversing Alarm 36 – 80 Volts – 97 Decibels – Suitable for Electric Forklifts

Brigade Reversing Alarm 36/80 Volts, 97 Decibels for use with electric forklifts.

Brigade Reversing Alarms

Reversing ‘beep beep’ alarms were first introduced to Europe in the 1970s. They provided a vital step forward in safety, yet over time they have been shown to have a number of inherent problems; specifically concerning their environmental impact, but also in terms of safety – the exact reason they were introduced in the first place. Advances in technology mean there is now a much better alternative.

bbs-tek® white sound® alarms are a revolutionary new generation of warning alarm. They are the safest reversing alarms in the world and do not cause a noise nuisance. Already fitted across a range of industries from mobile plant machinery to airport luggage buggies, bbs-tek® is fast becoming the reversing alarm of choice. In fact, in New York City it is the only alarm permitted on construction vehicles. Brigade’s vision is to ensure that every commercial vehicle is fitted with a white sound alarm to reduce reversing fatalities.


  • Provides an effective danger warning
  • Alarm sound is instantly locatable
  • Heard only where it matters
  • Approved by the Noise Abatement Society
  • Certified by NAS/PIEK for night-time delivery
  • Multi frequency broadband sound
  • Instantly locatable
  • Sound confined to danger area
  • Eliminates noise nuisance
  • Sounder unit: Speaker
  • Hole centres (mm): 98-108

Technical Specification

  • 36-80 Volts (HV)
  • IP68
  • Size (WxHxD) 127 x 76 x 65mm
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Current: Max 0.3 Amps

Durability & standards

  • Mechanical vibration: 10G
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • CE marked
  • EMC approved: e
  • SAE J994

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