Seatbelt Status Indicator Kits Now Available

Our new seatbelt status indictor kits show when the seat belt is fastened or not.

Health and safety legislation is now beginning to place the onus on the employer, not only to provide adequate PPE but also to ensure this is used.
The LAP seatbelt status system replaces the existing seatbelt to provide an indication to management that the seatbelt is fastened.The standard current system comprises of a 2″ wide lap belt with built in electrical switch together with a drivers ‘fasten seatbelt’ reminder bleeper, externally mounted green LED beacon and associated components. The kit is suitable for 12v and 24v vehicles.

‘Health & Safety’ Regulations
The ‘provison and use of work equipment regulations 1998’ and ‘European Council Directive 95/63/EC’ concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for use of work equipment by workers at work specify the need for a ‘restraining system’ (i.e seat belt’) in conjunction with Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) where there is risk of anyone carried being crushed between the machine and the ground in a overturn.