Retrofit a Webasto Diesel Air heater and enjoy more freedom!

Regardless of the weather, you can experience many benefits by fitting an additional Webasto Diesel Heater in your leisure vehicle, which provides extra warmth during cold winter days or on those chilly days in summer,  as well as saving on your LPG gas.

Webasto Diesel Air Heaters are suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Motorhomes
  • VW T5 Camper vans
  • Van Conversions
  • Marine Applications
  • Horse Boxes

Advantages of a Webasto Heater

Say goodbye to discomfort and treat yourself to one of Webasto‘s great additional heaters in order to:

  • enjoy comfortable warmth
  • quickly get rid of the condensation moisture inside your windscreen
  • reduce your CO2emissions when starting your engine
  • support your existing water based heating system
  • to ensure a pleasant holiday for you and your fellow travelers, Webasto provides dedicated heaters and parts in order to allow silent, reliable and efficient operation

Choosing your Webasto Heater

  • Webasto provides a wide range of diesel fuel-operated air heaters which can easily be retrofitted to your leisure vehicle

Click here to view our range of heaters suitable for leisure vehicles.

  • PB Auto Electrics can help if your used vehicle requires additional heating or if you would like to equip your newly ordered motorhome with a surplus system.

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  • Webasto Air Top heaters are compact, fuel efficient and have a high heat output. They are also easy to use and reliable, no matter what climate conditions you experience.