Quiet Vehicle Sounder – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Known as an acoustic vehicle alerting system across the automotive market, the Quiet Vehicle Sounder warns vulnerable road users of an approaching electric/hybrid vehicle.

The problem with silence
Without an acoustic vehicle alerting system, electric and hybrid vehicles are almost silent; they are only audible once they have built up some speed (approximately 20kph) when wind and road noise generate enough sound that they can be heard. Studies have concluded that electric and hybrid vehicles pose a danger to vulnerable road users (VRU) and increase the risk of incidents with pedestrians by up to 80%. Sound is an important contributor to road safety for pedestrians, not only for the blind or visually impaired.

The solution
Since 2010, Brigade has been involved in the QRTV (Quiet Road Transport Vehicles) working group to establish requirements for a UN standard.

Brigade has developed a multi-frequency Quiet Vehicle Sounder, integrating the patented bbs-tek® technology. bbs-tek® uses a wide range of White Sound® frequencies. This enables anyone in the direct path of the vehicle to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming from and take evasive action if required. There is no safer alternative.

Heard Only Where it Matters – Brigade’s Quiet Vehicle Sounder creates a “sssshhhhh” sound which is gentle on the ear and dissipates quickly once the vehicle has passed, meaning it can only be heard in the danger zone (0-20mph). People living and working in the surrounding areas will not be impacted by unnecessary sound, reducing the impact on peoples health.


  • Warns pedestrians and other VRU’s that a quiet vehicle is approaching
  • bbs-tek® patented technology – Multi-frequency sound – Directional and locatable – The sound is only heard in the hazard zone
  • Front speaker with optional rear speaker
  • Pitch and volume automatically increases with vehicle speed to mimic an internal combustion engine
  • Sound cuts out at 20mph

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