NEW! Webasto Cool Top RTE 16

Webasto Cool Top RTE 16 Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit

The Webasto Cool Top RTE 16 is an effective, flat and lightweight electric parking cooler system for trucks. This powerful 1600 Watt rooftop air conditioning system ensures a refreshing temperature in addition to the pleasant humidity in your truck cabin. Could anything be more relaxing while you’re at work? A sleek and sophisticated look coupled with the power and performance you desire.

Well rested drivers have demonstrably better concentration as a result they contribute to greater safety when out on the road. The compressor driven system is pre filled with refrigerant and is connected to the 24 volt vehicle battery. In addition, this high performance power combined with the light weight construction and flat design results in one of the best parking coolers for your needs.

Installation in the existing roof opening means that the install for this unit is very simple, consequently this saves the buyer time and money. High quality components set up an ever higher quality standard for parking coolers and also ensures a long life with a minimum expenditure on maintenance. Webasto’s Cool Top RTE 16 electric parking cooler reduces engine idling times and therefore saves fuel. The low voltage cutoff ensures that the engine will start. Finally, these kits are vehicle specific.


  • Powerful parking cooler system (1,600 Watt) with high energy efficiency
  • Optimum air distribution and quiet operation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Flat design (only 14 cm height) enables the installation also on high cabins
  • The low-voltage cut off ensures that the engine will start
  • Wide choice of vehicle-specific mounting kits

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal cooling capacity(W): 1600
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Nominal Voltage(v): 24
  • Maximum total power consumption at 2v (A): 23
  • Max operation temperature: 45 degrees C
  • Max volume flow of evaporator blower (m3/h): 650
  • Dimensions condenser L x W x H (mm): 645 x 920 x 140
  • Dimensions evaporator L x W x H (mm): 387 x 349 x 165
  • Installation height (mm): 142 (depending on cabin type)
  • Weight (kg): 23.4

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