NCC Verified Leisure Battery Scheme

About the Scheme

When you choose your leisure battery look for the NCC Product registered and Verified logo and check the category to be sure you are choosing one suitable for your caravan or motorhome’s needs.

The NCC have verified the performance of the labelled batteries through performance testing carried out in suitable laboratories to ensure that you can buy with peace of mind.

Simplified Choice

Consider how you use your caravan or motorhome and how this matched the three user types that we have identified if in doubt it might be better to choose a battery from a higher category to ensure that you always have power when you need it most.



Is the highest specification category and is aimed at users that either have large numbers of electrical devices or use their caravan or motorhome away from electrical hook-ups.
Class A


Is best for those that usually use electrical hook-ups but have high drain devices such as caravan motor movers.

Class B


Is for those that require a battery for infrequent use to operate low drain devices such as lighting for short periods of time.


Class c