Webasto Motorhome 2000STC Air Heater Benefits.

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Why choose our Webasto Motorhome specific heaters?

Our Motorhome specific heaters include additional features that Standard Universal kits don’t…

Remote Temperature Probe

Because of the limited space within the motorhome / RV furniture it can difficult to route a re-circ air system suitable to allow sensing of the interior air. The remote probe allows sensing of the interior temperature at seating level.

Zero Idle Function

The 12v Air Top 2000 STC also has zero idle function when the remote probe is used. This means that when the heater goes into idle mode it will turn off completely rather than running the fan at low idle to sense air temperature.

High Altitude & Vent Function

High altitude and vent function is standard in the 12v Air Top 2000 STC RV diesel heaters by use of the MultiControl controller. The integrated altitude sensor constantly ensures an optimal combustion process in altitudes up to 2200m.

Available from

£554.61 exc. VAT
    • Air Top 2000STC Heater
    • Standard Universal Fitting Kit
    • Standard Universal Exhaust & Intake Kit
    • Single Outlet Ducting Kit
    • Plug & Play Harness
    • Universal Installation Guide

Available from

£675.47 exc. VAT
    • Air Top 2000STC Heater
    • Motorhome Floor Mounting Plate
    • Combustion & Exhaust Silencers
    • Modular Ducting Option
    • Plug & Play Harness – To Accept Various New Controllers
    • High Altitude Function
    • Vent Function
    • Zero Idle Function
    • Remote Temperature Probe
    • Motorhome Installation Guide

Universal Heater Kits

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Our Universal heater kits are suitable for panel vans and other various applications.
Please contact us for advice on fitment on 01623 659311 or email

Motorhome Heater Kits

motorhome_sm fits_vans VW T5 Camper

Our Motorhome heater kits are suitable for motorhomes, panel vans and campers (including our biggest selling VW camper kits).
Please contact us for advice on fitment on 01623 659311 or email

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Do you have a workshop to fit a heater to my vehicle?

YES! – We can provide a full installation and repair service in our multi-purpose workshops for any of your heating, air conditioning, electrical and other accessory requirements.

What Warranty is available?

We only supply Genuine UK Webasto air heater kits and parts. PB Auto Electrics are a Webasto UK Authorised Partner with over 25 years experience in supplying and fitting Webasto parts.

Self installed kits come with a 2 year parts warranty (Subject to Webasto Terms & Conditions).

Kits installed by PB Auto Electrics come with a 3 year parts warranty (Subject to Webasto Terms & Conditions).

Webasto Authorised Partners specialise in either Vehicle or Marine business and exhibits outstanding installation, service and consultancy skills for the entire Webasto product portfolio. This is the highest ranked Webasto dealer status in the United Kingdom. Authorised Partners regularly attend Webasto’s technical, product and sales training courses.

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