DVS Update Announcement – Sept 23.

DVS Update Announcement – Sept 23.

The new Progressive Safe System (PSS) technical documents from TfL have now been released advising the updated DVS requirements for entering London.

The new requirements include:

  • A Predictive Side Sensing System (BSIS, R151)
  • Nearside camera
  • Left Turn Audible alarm
  • Left Turn Alarm Cut out switch
  • A3 DVS Sticker
  • Forward facing Moving Off Information System to include new alarm strategy (MOIS, R159)

Points to note taken directly from specification (Simplified):

  • New sensor technology required for the side should be of a predictive nature. Technical specification references the prediction of collisions, with different audible / visual warnings based on the severity of the danger.
  • Information signals should be given for moving objects whose speed, trajectory or other identifiable characteristics indicate they are a VRU.
  • The number of false positives due to a static non VRU (cones, hedges, parked cars etc) shall be minimised unless an imminent collision with a static object has been detected.
  • The system shall not adversely affect any safety critical aspect of the function or performance of the base vehicle to which it is installed (E mark certification)
  • Products must be tested by the manufacturer. The tests procedures are laid out in the DVS specification.

You can read/download the full documentation from TfL here;

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