Brigade Tonal Alarms

What are Tonal Alarms?

Tonal Alarms are the best known when we think about safety due to their memorable beep. This well-known beeping sound ensures that everyone nearby is aware that there is a large vehicle in the area. This type of alarm is a fantastic way to bring a potential hazard to the attention of vulnerable road users and employees. As a result of the loud beep those working within the area become hyper-aware of their surroundings.

Most accidents with large vehicles happen away from public roads in places like building and work sites. Filled with a broad-range of noise related to the day to day workings of those within this industry, these alarms can save lives. This provides another benefit to the alarms giving off aloud beeping noise; as no other pieces of equipment share this alerting sound.

Where to buy

Customers can now purchase from our range of tonal alarms from our website. Due to their wide range of sound frequency they are perfect for tailoring to your own needs. Additionally our company can provide you with any additional support required due to our status as a Brigade service partner. Further to this we are offering our customers a 2 year warranty (BA-57 & BA-13) and a lifetime warranty (BA-560, BA-570 & BA-890). You can find our range here: