Brigade Lease Scheme – A safer fleet in affordable monthly payments

The latest technology is a must in any industry but spending large amounts of money is not always an option. Leasing allows you to have one without compromising the other and Brigade’s range of vehicle safety devices can help reduce costs associated with vehicle damage, crash for cash scams and even reduce your insurance premiums in the long term.
Brigade Electronics operates a lease scheme for fleets of all sizes, allowing you to specify exactly what your fleet requires whilst spreading the cost over easy to manage monthly payments.

A safer fleet in affordable monthly payments

Three, four and five year plans are available with an option to retain the product indefinitely at the end of term with one additional monthly payment. A dedicated FCA (financial conduct authority) authorised advisor is on hand to develop a tailored package to suit individual cash flow, budgetary and policy requirements.
For more information or to discuss your requirements, please call 01623 659311.

How does it work?
Example: Four camera MDR system with in-cab monitor for 12 vehicles (inc. installation)
Capital cost: £25,000 + VAT
Term: 3 years – 36 monthly payments (inc interest) of £816.50 + VAT
Total payments over the 36 months: 36 x £816.50 = £29,394 + VAT
Corporation tax calculated at a rate of 19%: £29,394 x 19% = £5,584.86
Over a 3 year period £5,584.86 can be deducted from corporation tax.
Therefore, true capital cost: £29,394 – £5,584.86 = £23,809.14
The amount paid less tax relief means that the true cost is £1,190.86 less than the original capital cost.

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