Brigade Smart Radar Predict Side Detection System

Brigade Smart Radar Predict Side Detection System RP-001 (Left Side) For HGVs – 7500

Brigade’s Radar Predict is the latest innovation in side-detection safety, specifically designed to protect cyclists from collisions with HGVs. The advanced radar system uses AI technology to detect a potential collision by analysing data such as speed and direction of both the vehicle and cyclist. By differentiating between static and moving objects, the Radar Predict algorithm alerts the driver when an impact with a cyclist is likely.

HGVs pose a risk to both pedestrians and cyclists, with collisions involving a large vehicle far more likely to prove fatal than those involving a car. Many collisions between cyclists and HGVs occur because the driver has limited direct vision (the ability to see what is outside their cab without using indirect means of mirrors or cameras).
The single dual-radar unit is fi tted on the nearside of the truck and gives complete coverage to the side of the vehicle, including the trailer unit. The trailer discovery mode detects whether the vehicle is fi tted with a trailer and prevents articulation causing false alerts. The driver is alerted if a cyclist enters the detection zone and receives a second warning if a collision is predicted.

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